Enhanced Batch

Enhanced Batch is a solution to improve the functionality of your classic Windows batch files.

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Applying a technique called Windows API Hooking, we have added capabilities never seen before.

You can store variables internally in a space called heap, instead of the environment block, saving the overhead of this last.

These heap variables begin with the $ prefix.

Also, there are extensions identified with the @ prefix.

Additionally, some bugs of cmd.exe are fixed.

Example of heap variable:

Set $myPrivateVar=Okay
Rem Looking in the environment block, it will say not defined.
Set $myPrivateVar
Rem Looking in the heap also
If Defined $myPrivateVar (
Echo Yep, it is defined in the heap
Echo $myPrivateVar = %$myPrivateVar%

The extensions can have getters and setters.

Example of an extension, in this case @unicode:

Echo Working with unicode: %@unicode%
If "%@unicode%"=="0" (
Echo Enabling unicode
Set "@unicode=1"

Getting started

  1. Just download the DLLs from the release.

  2. Load the library and verify the result with the following command at the start of your batch script:

Rundll32 "%~dp0enhancedbatch_%processor_architecture%" Load
If Not Defined @enhancedbatch (
Echo Load Failed

Alternatively, you can use this brief method:

Regsvr32 /e "%~dp0enhancedbatch_%processor_architecture%" || (
Echo Load Failed

If DLL could not be loaded a messagebox dialog will appear indicating the cause.


Enhanced Batch requires the command interpreter for Windows (cmd.exe).

About the project

Enhanced Batch is:

© 2019 by Carlos Montiers A.

© 2019 by Jason Hood


Jason Hood

Carlos Montiers

Petr Lázňovský

Steffen Illhardt

Dave Benham


Enhanced Batch is distributed by an zlib license.


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