Set Features

Table of contents

  1. Assignment
  2. Append
  3. Note


In Batch, in the usage of the SET command, classically you cannot put a space before and after the assignment character =, because first it it will incorporate that space character as the name of the variable, (yes in Batch you can have variable names with spaces) and the content of a variable will have space at the begin.

set z = zeta
set z
z = zeta

With Enhanced Batch you can forget about that problem:

set z = zeta
set z


Normally, in Batch for append a new value to a variable is needed write something like this: set var=%var% value Now, with Enhanced Batch, you have a new syntax:

set msg = hello
set msh += world
set msg


The previous mentioned syntax works only when the variable ends with ` ` or += and the value starts with ` `.